Hey Wavves Smokes Weed OK???

Nathan Williams, a.k.a. Wavves, isn’t any more shy about his enjoyment of a little puff than his buddies Bethany “Best Coast” Cosentino and Freddie Gibbs. @wavveswavves will on any given day throw up at least one tweet based on the “I have just smoked/am about to smoke weed in place x” formula (today it’s “Nobody nark … Continue reading

WTF: Belgian Beer, Vinyl And Cement Mixers

Talking of random beer/music hook-ups, a UK-focused initiative by Belgian brand Vedett has just come to our attention, and in randomness terms this one really, er, raises the bar. Let’s get this straight. There’s some beer. It’s good, I’ve tried it: nice and crisp. There are funky labels on the bottles, which involve clean, lowland-style graphic … Continue reading