Hey Wavves Smokes Weed OK???

Nathan Williams, a.k.a. Wavves, isn’t any more shy about his enjoyment of a little puff than his buddies Bethany “Best Coast” Cosentino and Freddie Gibbs. @wavveswavves will on any given day¬†throw up at least one tweet based on the “I have just smoked/am about to smoke weed in place x” formula (today it’s “Nobody nark … Continue reading

WTF: Belgian Beer, Vinyl And Cement Mixers

Talking of random beer/music hook-ups, a UK-focused initiative by Belgian brand Vedett has just come to our attention, and in randomness terms this one really, er,¬†raises the bar. Let’s get this straight. There’s some beer. It’s good, I’ve tried it: nice and crisp. There are funky labels on the bottles, which involve clean, lowland-style graphic … Continue reading