Stereogum’s Commercial Appeal

Levi’s, Bacardi, Nike, Saucony, Mountain Dew, Doctor Martens, Kia/Adult Swim, Scion, Lavazza and Eskuche. Yes, all brands that have released free music aimed at the music blog scene in the past 12 months. Most of it has been pretty good, while some executions might be slightly dodgy – it’s not too hard for brand managers … Continue reading

Google to run Glastonbury Ad

As with their super-cute Superbowl ad in the States, Google are running an ad which tells the story of a theme through their technologies. This time they’ve chosen to piggyback on Glastonbury Festival. Unfortunately you can’t embed the ad yet, but you can watch it on The Guardian. Google have famously been nonchalant towards music … Continue reading

Guvera reveals early stats

Guvera, the Australian based ad-supported music and video platform that aims to boldly “answer the problem facing the music and content industry” has today released some figures about its usage and branded channels. According to MusicAlly, the start-up that took $20m funding earlier in the year has recruited brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Microsoft, Sprint, … Continue reading