Beardyman x Dolby

Here’s a nice collabo between Dolby, the guys who make all your favourite things sound amazing, and Beardyman, whose vocal dexterity is to beatboxing what Andres Iniesta is to a table footie player. ‘Dolbyman’ is a movie that will be preloaded on mobile handsets to demonstrate Dolby Mobile’s new “virtual surround sound”, which basically means … Continue reading

Bacardi, With A Dash Of Dreamwave

(Disclosure: this is a blatant plug for our own work. Sorry.) You might have come across ‘Drive-In’ by Thunderheist, a tune we commissioned and put out as part of the Bacardi digital music project we run. Or Drop The Lime’s typically thunderous remix of same, for which we also shot some films. Now here’s the … Continue reading