THE G-LIST // 2010

(This a semi-regular solo project and should in no way be taken as the views of Branding Rock’n’Roll, especially not BernieV, who has far better taste than me.) So here it is: a highly subjective list of tunes that have surprised and delighted in 2010. The numbers represent a proposed running order, not a hit … Continue reading

ALBUMS // 2010

Graham’s doing the top songs list (o’er here) and I’m going to cover off the albums. Well here they are, copied and pasted into WordPress faster than a Yngwie Maelstrom solo, ie: before my opinion changes. 10. The National – High Violet While lacking the anthemic bombast of ‘Alligator’ and the atmosphere of ‘Boxer’, The … Continue reading

The Price Of The New Deerhunter Single

Tweeting for a track? Old news. Joining Prince’s backlash against the Internet are Deerhunter who are asking fans to hop over to their website and print out this flyer (or tear it out of your favourite fanzine). Then you need to take a pic of the flyer “hanging in your town, neighbourhood, bedroom” and you’ll … Continue reading

Blowing Up: Best Coast

“Dreamy” is an overused word but it’ll do to describe Best Coast’s, er, dreamy pop-rock. Perfect for late-summer frolics in a meadow — or equally a TV spot featuring late-summer frolics in a meadow. Possible brand hook-ups: Timotei (does that still exist?), O2, Thomas Cook. mp3: Best Coast — Boyfriend [via GorillavsBear — tip: it … Continue reading

Blowing Up: Hot City

Hot City‘s UK garage/2-step/whatever fusion is tighter than those buns on the cover of the new Scissor Sisters record, and with those tastemakers extraordinaires at Moshi Moshi releasing belters like Another Girl, largeness looms. Want more? There’s a great primer over at Salacious Sound. Possible brand hook-ups: TKMaxx, Ford (XR3 natch), Prada.

Video: The Morning Benders ‘Stitches’

Remember that incredible video of the Morning Benders playing ‘Excuses’ in a studio with all of their hipster musician friends like the guys out of Girls? Well now there’s one of them giving the same treatment to the other great tune on ‘Big Echo’, ‘Stitches’. Note to brand managers: The MBs’ tuneful, not-too-precious-not-too-scuzzy indie and wholesome … Continue reading

Be Afraid: Salem Trail Debut LP

For fans of Salem‘s apocalyptic hybrid of R&B, shoegaze and black metal, the wait is nearly over: ‘King Night’, the title track from the band’s debut album, due in September, has just been released to the hungry maw of the blogosphere. True to form, it’s absolutely terrifying, yet a tune of delicate beauty somehow emerges. … Continue reading

The Return Of Black Mountain

Canadian psych rockers Black Mountain are back, and they’re not taking any prisoners. ‘Old Fangs’ is the lead tune from their third album, ‘Wilderness Heart, which hits the shops in September. The video‘s got it all: cool cars, mysterious chicks, pills, witchcraft, and grainy Super 8-style production values. The tune suggests a move away from the more … Continue reading

Eminem attempts a viral video for Recovery

Mildly amusing results. Interestingly the 30 second edit has almost almost 8x as much views, yet all of the good lines are chopped out of it.

Arcade Fire entice pre-orders with tickets for tiny London show

So excited by the recently leaked tracks been moved to pre-order the album on Amazon already? Then, you’ve made a huge error! Universal Music are encouraging pre-orders by rewarding buyers of the new album with the chance at getting tickets for an as yet unannounced show in London in the first week of July. This … Continue reading