Branded Content took a major step forward this week with Foster’s unveiling the hugely anticipated new Alan Partridge material, ‘Mid Morning Matters’ which is likely to get mega-views and discussion on YouTube and fits in-line with their light-hearted and humorous ad-campaign. The only problem is that Foster’s feels completely wrong for this kind of content. … Continue reading

Sleigh Bells soundtrack new Honda Ad

Honda continue their hipster-leaning adverts by soundtracking their latest ad with the sound of rock, courtesy of Sleigh Bells’s  Riot Rhythm. You may notice that the voice-over mentions “Complete opposites in complete harmony.” I guess the metal guitars with the sickly-sweet vocals of Alexis Krauss check that box. Stereogum notes that the advert debuted during … Continue reading

How Good Is The Music In ‘Money’?

The jury’s still out on the BBC’s adaptation of Money, Martin Amis’s glorious novel of ’80s excess — is it maybe that Nick Frost’s Jon Self is just too nice? — but no complaints about the soundtrack, which freely plunders the nastier, post-punkier end of that decade. The highlight from Part 1? Frost and Vincent … Continue reading