Blowing Up: How to Dress Well

How To Dress Well is the psychedelic lo-fi project of German Tom Krell. His music jumps in a few directions, dreamy synths swim under R&B samples while there’s an undeniable whiff of Justin Vernon in the reverb-laced vocals. Interestingly, his visuals borrow from the current witch-house/drag scene. This years Washed Out? The debut album is … Continue reading

Sleigh Bells Smash It Again

OK we may have raved about Sleigh Bells in the past, but last night they reduced London to rubble once again. Props to Ymmit for braving a ferocious* Lexington moshpit to bring us these beautiful pics (and the one above). * ferocious with photographers mostly

Video: Magnetic Man ‘I Need Air’

“YouTube has killed the promo video.” Discuss. Well yeah, YouTube is part of the tsunami that has all but swept away the big-bucks promo business. But lowered barriers-to-entry and shifted expectations about production values etc have theoretically unleashed scores of talented new film-makers. Whatever, The Fader is hosting the video for Magnetic Man’s “I Need Air” … Continue reading

Blowing Up: Best Coast

“Dreamy” is an overused word but it’ll do to describe Best Coast’s, er, dreamy pop-rock. Perfect for late-summer frolics in a meadow — or equally a TV spot featuring late-summer frolics in a meadow. Possible brand hook-ups: Timotei (does that still exist?), O2, Thomas Cook. mp3: Best Coast — Boyfriend [via GorillavsBear — tip: it … Continue reading

Blowing Up: Hot City

Hot City‘s UK garage/2-step/whatever fusion is tighter than those buns on the cover of the new Scissor Sisters record, and with those tastemakers extraordinaires at Moshi Moshi releasing belters like Another Girl, largeness looms. Want more? There’s a great primer over at Salacious Sound. Possible brand hook-ups: TKMaxx, Ford (XR3 natch), Prada.