Blowing Up (Again): Robyn

Yes, that Robyn — “Show Me Love”, mad fringe, Swedish Robyn. Btw “Show Me Love” is the English name for the AMAZING Swedish film “Fucking Åmål”, which was the first film directed by Lukas “Happiness” Moodysson and features said anthem. (Despite the name, which makes it sound like filthy porn, it’s actually a very sweet teen … Continue reading

Blowing Up (Again): Cut Copy

Those chirpy Aussies Cut Copy are back, and they’re chirpier than ever. With its perky bassline, jolly tambourines and infectious “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Woo!” refrain, “Where I’m Going” is going to be all over ads for mundane but useful things that need a sunny, nothing’s-going-to-ruin-my-day makeover, like sanitary towels, weedkiller or online dating services. Like … Continue reading