About Branding Rock’n’Roll

Branding Rock’n’Roll is me, Graham Hodge, plus whichever fellow travellers I can persuade to share their expertise. It’s a blog about hook-ups between brands and music, and why some work and some don’t.  It’s powered by the idealistic belief that wonderful things can happen when marketers and musicians get together. It’s a quest to find the common ground between Ian MacKaye and Don Draper. Here’s the very first post on Branding Rock’n’Roll, which is a manifesto of sorts.

I am a Director at the London-based marketing agency Espionage. There I run various projects for Bacardi, including its global digital music programme, and have also worked on music initiatives for Oxfam, Channel 4 and Dolby.

Before that I was an independent consultant advising businesses involved in music including Nokia, the SBS radio group (part of German behemoth ProSiebenSat1), Scandinavian music TV network The Voice, and the UK’s Chart Show TV.

And before that I spent many years at Xfm, part of the Capital Radio Group, where I ran its digital activities, directed new station launches, produced TV shows, and generally brought music, music-lovers and brands together in new ways.

Way back when I cut my digital teeth at Forrester Research, and also had an eye-opening spell as Lara Croft’s publicist.

If you want to get in touch, write to me at graham[dot]hodge[at]gmail[dot]com.


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