THE G-LIST // 2010

(This a semi-regular solo project and should in no way be taken as the views of Branding Rock’n’Roll, especially not BernieV, who has far better taste than me.)

So here it is: a highly subjective list of tunes that have surprised and delighted in 2010. The numbers represent a proposed running order, not a hit parade. Download the whole bunch by clicking here, or go à la carte below. (Of course you’ll buy the tunes to support the artists and those poor, poor record labels won’t you?)

1. Shit Robot, Take ‘Em Up

Shit Robot’s ‘From The Cradle To The Rave’ was basically a bonus LCD Soundsystem album, and here LCD’s Nancy adds NY sass to a moody synth number worthy of Human League

Download [via HotBiscuits] [Direct link: click to play or right click to download]

2. Gorillaz Ft. Little Dragon, Empire Ants

Damon’s come a long way since the Hair Bear Bunch – just one of a hatful of grown-up pop gems from ‘Plastic Beach’

Download [via You Sound Like A Robot] [Direct link]

3. The Morning Benders, Stitches

A typically well-crafted creation from laboratoires Grizzly Bear

Download [via Maps] [Direct link]

Video [via Yours Truly]

4. Best Coast, When I’m With You

Stoner doo-wop anthem of the year

Download [via KEXP] [Direct link]

5. Free Energy, Bad Stuff

AM rock never sounded so sunny – or dark

Download [via RCRDLBL/KEXP]

6. Sleigh Bells, Crown On The Ground

Boy meets girl; they dream up an unlikely fusion of All Saints and Big Black; awesomeness results

Download [via Regnsky] [Direct link]

7. Arcade Fire, Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

The world’s least fun rock band discover their inner Blondie

Download [via Minneapolis Fucking Rocks] [Direct link]

8. Salem, Redlights


Download [via Mediafire]

9. Crystal Castles Ft. Robert Smith, Not In Love

Overly edgy electro duo hook up with everyone’s favourite hasbeen goth – career move of the year for both

Download [via Ilictronix] [Click to download]

10. Thunderheist, Drive-In (Drop The Lime’s B-Live Remix)

A “happy break-up song” according to TH’s Isis – the perfect swansong for both band and Bacardi B-Live

Download [via WeLikeItIndie] [Click to download]

Video [via Spinner]

11. Kanye West Ft. Talib Kweli and Consequence, Chain Heavy

Q-Tip scores for the home team in the ‘Kanye: genius or nutter?’ debate

Download [via IndieShuffle] [Direct link]

12. Massive Attack, Paradise Circus (Breakage’s Tight Rope Remix)

Hope “Her with the angelic voice from Mazzy Star” Sandoval provides the beauty, Breakage the beast

Download [via Mediafire] [Click to download]

13. Four Tet, Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix)

The heavyweight champions of electronica for the Whole Foods set duke out it over eight minutes of wibbly acid

Download [via Nialler9] [Click to download]

14. James Blake, CMYK

The most hyped artist of 2011 (sic) shows a lovely bit of leg in 2010 – the Nick Drake of dubstep?

Download [via Mediafire]

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