Brooklyn’s Matt and Kim are pretty brand-friendly, having worked with Bacardi, Mountain Dew and choosing to open the new Converse store in Brooklyn.

They’ve recently teamed up with American Express to produce a branded video interview, which looks like it was filmed back in September at the Virgin Festival. There’s four problems with this as a piece of content:

  1. Interviews aren’t that exciting, music bloggers usually don’t go crazy for them
  2. They’re releasing it a week before xmas, when blogs are notoriously quiet.
  3. Matt and Kim aren’t really flavour of the month (as much as we love them at BRR)
  4. The video is nearly five minutes long

To encourage views and bloggers to post the content, AmEx teamed up with three different homeless charities and will donate $1 for each view, with a maximum of $50k to be donated. Good work AmEx and Matt and Kim who have raised $7026 so far.

Unfortunately, it looks like you can’t embed the video – but have to go somewhere specific to watch it, such as the campaign home on Spin or over on PMA, where AmEx have bought a bought a homepage takeover-style ad.

Photo from: Wunmi_O on Flickr


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