Moshi Moshi’s James Yuill commits the ultimate sin in this dreadful, dreadful video for Guinness. Oh god. They even called it ‘Jingle Pints’…

Yes, it’s the combination of two of my favourite things. Guinness and …er…Virals?

No! Music! That’s the other thing!

I rejigged that old upbeat classic ‘Jingle Bells’ for Guinness. The reworked version is now known as the ‘Jingle Pints Remix’. The viral was filmed on the day between my Indonesian and South American trips. My mental state was questionable due to jet lag, but I think we got some good stuff filmed. There was even a guy there from Guinness whose sole job was to pour the perfect pint and measure the head with a trademarked Guinness set square…(i’m not joking…he really had one). So I can proudly say that I have had the perfect pint of Guinness (and before you ask…I’m not getting paid to mention Guinness as many times as I can in this paragraph……..Guinness).


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