Branded Content took a major step forward this week with Foster’s unveiling the hugely anticipated new Alan Partridge material, ‘Mid Morning Matters’ which is likely to get mega-views and discussion on YouTube and fits in-line with their light-hearted and humorous ad-campaign.

The only problem is that Foster’s feels completely wrong for this kind of content. Firstly, we know than Alan drinks Courage’s Directors and secondly, it just feels like it’s a brand that Coogan and Iannucci would stick on to take the piss out of it. A bit like the BP garage that features in series 2.

Consumer reaction has also been largely negative, as a short canvassing of the YouTube comments will attest. At time of writing the most highly rated comment was “greatest comedy series ever, shame it took such a pissy-weak lager to bring him back”.

Surely, with the Myspace relaunch, Fox should have invested in funding original content, such as this, which will ramp up views and be interesting enough for people to dig out their old usernames and comment, embed and share.

So, just how long will it be before we see a band-reunion brought to you by the social media presence of a major brand. Throbbing Gristle, reuniting for McDonalds…



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