In one of the more adventurous music-platforms that we’ve stumbled across recently was the news story that Converse will be opening up a free recording studio in the epicentre of indie, Williamsburg, Brook’non.

Rubber Tracks will offer musicians the chance to record their tracks and then utilise Converse’s music social network to share and expose their sounds. This social network looks set to also offer up lots of additional content, like behind the scenes videos.

I’m eager to find out more about the digital services, but it’s the physical experience that leaves the most questions. Will it be a lo-fi pop up shop with a little self service room, or will the brand try and step up to have some long-term stewardship of a scene, in the same way that Rough Trade has in London.

Be sure to see lots of integration with their collaboration programme.

In a strange way, this reminds me of Camper’s hotels in Barça.

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  1. […] Posted by berniev on October 13, 2010 · Leave a Comment  Influencers is a forthcoming short film that explores how trends in music and creativity can become contagious. It’s being put together by R&I Creative and features interviews with people from Cornerstone, one of they key agencies in the brandingrock’n’roll world who have developed campaigns for the likes of Converse, including the Rubber Tracks studio project that we took a look at a few days ago. […]

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