Hewlett-Packard, one of the biggest technology companies in the entire worldwide world (revenue 114 billion) have partnered with one of our favourite blogs, the ever-cool ‘The Culture of Me’ (hits: 30k) to promote their new HP Pavilion DV5, which isn’t a huge arena they sponsor but a new notebook computer. Notebooks, aren’t they a bit 2009?

The idea is simple, give the blog one of those notebooks (although it looks like they had to borrow a camera) and let them film a video around the mean streets of Brooklyn, showcasing the iPad-busting power of the notebook through mad video and photo editing skills and finally getting the masterpiece uploaded to HP’s official YouTube page. Of course, there’s readership-engagement as well as TCOM has invited all readers to hang-out at their chosen shooting locations which, classically, contains a Pabst Blue Ribbon pop-up store. Read all about it here.

Whether this will form part of a full-scale activation similar to Ford’s Fiesta success or rather something that’s testing the water remains to be seen. It appears that HP came to TCOM directly, rather than going through an agency.

Sidenote: It’s great to see bloggers getting rewards from brands for the hard-work that they do, rather than just takedown notices. We’re looking forward to the film!



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