Diesel // The Stupid For Music World Cup

Praise to Diesel for having fun with the tired battle of the bands format. The Stupid World Cup “celebrates fans and their crazy exploits, while under the influence of music.

It looks like bands enter, then it’s up for the fans to pick who wins. This is about as near as it gets to the familiar format. Each round is like a sporting competition, so band A against band B. There’ll then be a challenge for their ‘stupid’ fans, who have to pledge their loyalty to a band and then perform tasks such as getting the bands name tattooed on your body. The fan who takes it the furthest, or stupidest will win the round for their band. The final round looks good fun: fan karaoke, the bands backing track and lyrics will be available for download and the winning band/fan will have to do a stupid karaoke version.

It appears that Diesel have pulled in a few ‘pro’ acts like Uffie, Twin Shadow and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

All in all, a lot of fun – sure to generate a lot of fan generated content that I imagine the brand want to go viral and a perfect way to fit music into their ‘stupid’ brand strategy, which admittedly didn’t click with me at first – but now, after repeat doses accept it really does give the brand a voice and a rare injection of humour.

So far it looks like 5684 bands have signed up to it (no doubt helped through their MySpace ads) while 10626 fans have entered the competition, which must be the first time the fan to band ratio has been that high.

This creative and fun project puts Senheiser’s dry contest to shame. Similarly to Senheiser, who partnered with PickTheBand.com this Diesel project is a collaboration with SonicBids.


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