Converse recruit Hot Chip and New Order stars for latest release

Converse UK launched the first of their collaboration series yesterday, creating quite a storm. The track ‘Didn’t Know What Love Was’ features Hot Chip, Hot City, Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris – both of Joy Division/New Order fame. The track quitckly attracted blog-famous media attention having been picked up by NME, Pitchfork, Fact magazine, Nialler9, Stereogum, Billboard, Consequence of Sound and Filter magazine. Offline, they managed to get the coveted ‘Hottest Record In The World’ slot by Radio 1’s Zane Lowe.

Here’s three reasons we love the campaign.

Great Choice of Collaborators:

Hot Chip, back this year at the top of their game with their best album and a fabulous live show – these guys aren’t brand whore’s and you get the feeling they’d only do something that they were into. Put them next to up and coming Hot City (who we profiled here) next to the inspiring surprise of Barney and you’re onto a winner.

The collaboration trick is hard to do right, but when it’s done like this – it’s something that Converse can own and differentiate themselves from other music programmes like Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound.

They’ve also managed to utilise their relationship with artists to get them to blog about it on their official websites, which is sometimes harder than it sounds and indicates that the band are fully behind the project.

They’ve used the media opportunity to talk up their next release

Any new Hot Chip track is going to get good media pick-up and they’ve used this platform to shout about their next release, which is important for Converse UK as they’re just starting their programme. The next release will be much more indie fare, with Graham Coxon and his pals.

It’s also worth giving their blog some love. While many brands, like Vans are starting to move their blog in a lifestyle direction, Converse seem to be creating some interesting original content.

They’ve got their own artwork style nailed

Because they’ve got that recognisable original image (above) most websites are going to post that image along with the mp3. This obviously has suitable product placement and will go on to create a strong brand for their music program.

It is a shame that they didn’t utilise their previous relationship with Best Coast, Vampire Weekend and Kid Cudi to get a little blog or Twitter love from them.

Take a listen to the track on Pitchfork



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