Faithless use Shazam on new TV ads

Ancient “dance legends” Faithless, whose new album is comfortably sitting outside the top 75 album chart, have once again turned to digital trickery-pockery to flog music fans their wares. This time, recession-hit British fans will be convinced to go and see Faithless at the o2 Arena via a TV advert voiced by Edith Bowman. It’s like 1999 all over again.

Their new single ‘Feeling Good’ will soundtrack the ad, while the incredibly tempting Shazam logo appears on screen over visuals of people have great fun at their concerts. It’s then a race against time to get out your iPhone, load the app and tag the song. The reward for tagging is that you’ll get redirected to a mobile site where you can buy their new album or purchase those concert tickets you never knew you wanted.

Here’s what glory you are greeted with, should you tag the advert:

Notice how they kick you off to bandsintown before going to a destination like See Tickets (which is impossible to use on mobile devices) probably because Shazam will get some kickback from it.

It’s like QR codes for the telly! Depressing.


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