The Lives of Artists – UNKLE and Relentless

“Enter the twisted and unpredictable realm of intense personal obsession and heroic artistic pursuit as we journey to the ends of the earth for the second chapter in our award-winning cinematic adventure, Lives of the Artists.”

Relentless Energy have teamed up with James Lavelle, founder of the legendary Mo Wax label and the main-man behind long-running collaboration project UNKLE – and freeriders Jeremy Jones and Xavier De Le Rue to produce ‘Follow Me Down’ a 74 minute cinematic doc mixing footage of them messing about in the Antarctic with concert footage of UNKLE. This is all produced under the banner of their ‘Lives of Artists’ programme which houses a few more films relating to surfers, musicians or snow.

It’s a shame that the brand have stepped into Red Bull’s territory instead of carving out something of their own – but you have to praise the music side. If you visits the brands Bandcamp page you can download Lavelle’s soundtrack to the film for free. It’s an interesting decision that you have to watch the content on the brands website (no embedding) and the lengthy running time of 74 minutes seems like a lot of precious free time to give to a piece of branded content, especially as you can’t download to watch on your iPhone while you travel.

Lavelle describes his soundtrack as “Organic: nature and its volatile balance definitely dictated the mood. There’s an element of permanent menace in the sound design. I was in awe of the Antarctica scenes and the power of the human spirit. It can make you feel quite small.”

Coco-Cola’s Relentless are supporting this activity with a home-page takeover of Pitchfork and has been featured on Dazed Digital, This is Fake DIY, MFlow, and Empire Magazine.

Their MFlow activity is worth taking a look at. In addition to offering free tracks on the service, the first 250 users who sign up to follow the brand will get the opportunity to double your money on the service – so if you add a fiver to your account, they’ll match it and give you an extra £5 to spend as you wish. One of the challenges with the B-LIVE free music programme that we ran for Bacardi was building a continuos relationship with music-fans, a direct way to update them when new free tracks were available. We felt that the brand were too much of a corporate voice to open a direct channel on Facebook or Twitter, so left it to the music blogs and the artists themselves to spread the news. This is also interesting because Ping’s “like” and “follow’ features work in a similar way to MFlow (as well as the overall store structure being the key tool that the social service aims to support) – so, do you think that Apple will open the door for brands on the iTunes Store/Ping?


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