James Blunt and Facebook Places

As we pray for Diaspora to finally launch and to free us from the banal updates from those ‘friends’ we accepted three years ago, James Blunt has embraced the services’ Places feature to promote his new album.

Fans who attend Blunty’s album launch, which is happening tomorrow at a secret location in London where he’s playing a show will be encouraged to check into the venue using Places on their smart-phone. If they do so, they’ll get streaming access to three tracks from his forthcoming album (which looks like it is coming just in time to ruin our collective Christmases on November 8th – hereby known as Black Monday as both Chase and Status and David Guetta are also releasing on this day).

I presume his label are hoping for a huge row of fans outside the venue, pretending they’re in the venue and checking in to get the three songs – can’t hurt.

Blunty will replicate the trick on his forthcoming UK tour, where fans who check into the tour venue will be able to get a free live track from the show they’ve just seen. I presume they’ll be up-sold the whole live album on the Places page itself, and fans will also be able to interact and share photos.

Not bad, certainly something that any brands running experiential music programmes will want to watch and see how popular this kind of scheme is – if it provides a platform for both viral news-spread, content and some way of developing a stronger relationship with the fan then it could be a winner.

I’d like to see Songkick and Foursquare/Gowalla working with touring bands or festivals on something like this.


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