Google New

Earlier this week, Google unveiled ‘Google New’ a new feature on Google to track new features on Google.

It’s often hard to keep up to date with the small tweaks that Google makes to its products, and in relation to Apple – the company does have a slight problem making noise about its brand new offerings, so Google New makes sense.

It’s best to go and have a play with it yourself, but you can see that the layout of the page caters for a key new release, as well as filtered browsing for those looking for more specific information.

Upon visiting the page, my initial reactions were – why don’t labels present their new stuff like this? They’ll usually present their new wares in the form of a news blog or more of a online store format. It would be great if there was a filterable way to find out about “tweaks to the products” (remixes, videos) new products (new signings and new releases) in any given genre.

It’s a rare thing recently where you can learn something from Google’s design…


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