Bundled Smart-Phone Apps stats from the US

Music Week reports that pre-loaded apps are an important decision in mobile device buying. The study by iGR of the notoriously laggard US market found that two-thirds of phone buyers factored in the bundled apps, with 46% of these looking for bundled music apps. 48% of users use the apps that are pre-bundled with their smart-phones and value pre-bundled apps as a major way of finding out about new apps and services.

These kind of figures will be great news for services like Spotify, looking to launch in the US in the near future. It also raises a question about brands getting involved, a sponsored free-music app for the likes of Smirnoff, Mountain Dew could get a lot of reach and use in the U.S. Similarly, T-Mobile’s should be working on a US-Centric mobile edition of its Electronic Beats magazine for the North American market.

Download the white-paper from iGR (PDF)


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