Animal Collective design shoe range for Keep

Animal Collective have designed a range of shoes for ungooglable shoe brand Keep. Pitchfork reports that all proceeds of the shoes will go to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund, which will provide support for the marine and terrestrial wildlife around the island.

The big draw, is that pre-orders of the shoes will come with a cassette tape of previously unheard jamms – demand must be high as it has instantly crashed the Keep website.

This is could be an interesting trend, and something that could really add hype to a product launch. Brands such as Converse and Adidas should take note. A limited Daft Punk 7” with those Adidas Originals might take the Hype Machine down for weeks.

Animal Collective have a history of doing this kind of thing. A few years back they released their eagerly anticipated ‘Animal Crack Box’ collection of unreleased songs exclusively through Fusetron, presumably to support this small online store. The 1000 edition crack-box can command up to £200 on eBay.

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