Smirnoff’s Nightlife Exchange Project

Smirnoff continue their worldwide experiential music programme with the ‘Nightlife Project Exchange’. The premise is that fourteen countries have been picked to crowd-source the best of their countries nightlife, box it up in a crate and then exchange it with another country, ready for a big global party on November 17th. Curators will be on hand to steady the ship and the UK’s curator is Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe.

The fourteen countries involved are: United States, Great Britain, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Poland, South Africa, Thailand and Venezuela.

Crowd-sourcing all takes place through a Facebook  app where you’re asked to submit an idea in one of nine categories, like fashion, decor, music, food. Here’s a quick look at some of the ideas from the UK that have been submitted so far – which using the dizzying Flash interface – you can ‘crate’ or ‘hate’:

Food: “A traditional kebab with salad and chilli sauce”

Music: “Heavy raving to dubstep and dnb”

Entertainment:  “Photo taken on entry, printed to badge, badge into lucky dip, Choose a badge to wear. find person wearing your face”

The Crate Tour

Smirnoff’s giant rave-crate will also be touring the country, where it will pick up ideas from five of the nation’s top nightlife destinations – Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Brighton and London. Each of these destinations will have its own individual curator, putting on a series of events in the city which Smirnoff will give you wrist bands which will give you access to the top bars and clubs in the town. It all kicks off this Saturday, 25th September in Birmingham.

The crate tour will come to a head on November 27th, when the crates are all finalised and each countries crate will be swapped with another “unleashing 14 global nightlife events simultaneously”.

The last item in the crate could be you…

Of course you can enter the ‘grand prize’ to get flown around the world and see your countries crate unveiled to whoever gets it from the safety of the VIP zone.

Media Buying

As with the previous ‘Be There’ activations, Smirnoff are likely to support this with huge media spend – and if you head over to Pitchfork, you’ll see that they’ve done a rather ugly homepage take-over.

They are also planning TV ads that will feature user-generated footage of people describing their favourite elements of UK nightlife and what they’d put in the crate. I presume that they’ll collect this data when the crate embarks on its regional tour.

An interesting element is that when you ‘Like’ the Nightlife Experience Project, Facebook load you up with $1 of Facebook Credits, which indicates that they’ve bought a lot of media on Facebook and Zuckerberg’s team are using this to try and get the huge amount of people that will be exposed to this campaign to start buying virtual goods from the Facebook store.


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