SEAT produce branded music show for Channel 4

I’ve been driving a Seat Ibiza for years. The first thing I did when I got the car, was upgrade the paltry tape deck to a mad-bass ready CD system. It was cool, I was cool. Sadly, it appears that no one has relayed this information on to the guys at Seat, no one told them I made them cool about eight years ago, so they’ve decided to spend a lot of money on a new music-programme to help raise their credibility with young people. If only they knew.

Now, Brand Republic reports that Seat will be creating ‘On Track’ a branded television show for Channel 4. (A channel I had completely forgot existed before they started advertising ‘This Is England ’86’.) The programme will feature ‘intimate recording sessions’ from the hottest artists right now. What they mean by ‘hottest artists right now’ is a selection of Universal artists such as Foals, Ellie Goulding, The Drums, Bombay Bicycle Club and Tinchy Strider and they will get run over, live on air, with Nicky Wire driving a modified Seat Ibiza. The premise of the show is that the artists will get three hours to cut one of their hit singles to vinyl, including artwork decisions, and probably lots of rushing around in Seat Ibizas.

Their digital amplifications seems a bit unclear. Currently they are using their site to offer free tickets to the filming of the shows, and it looks like they will be offering exclusive mp3s from the programme. I’d argue that they’re website doesn’t look up to scratch, but I’m sure they’ll be pushing these downloads through their Facebook – which probably needs a push anyway with only 3k fans.

Ellie Goulding is first to feature in the programme as it airs on Wednesday. I’ll be watching out for the level of product placements vs sponsorship, how they distribute their digital content and if it has a knock-on effect to their social-networking presences.


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