Samsung and OK Go make a video

“The Ultimate Creative Tool in the Hands of the Ultimate Creatives”

OK Go, who recently left their label Capitol because of they wouldn’t allow viral embedding of their videos to form their own label, have just announced a partnership with Samsung. The deal seems to make a lot of sense, Samsung provide the gear and OK Go make the video. You can see the results over here on the cr8yourownworld website, where’s there’s currently two teaser clips. Yes, you can embed them!

It seems to be a perfect partnership, the magical thing about the OK Go videos is that its all about the creative idea and not the studio magic, so it feels like anyone could do it. This works for Samsung, who get to push their wares on to the massive community of people who watch OK Go videos (91.4m views and counting) and they also take away the message that, yes, you can do it yourselves with these tools.

Lead singer Damian Kulash explains:

“Samusung’s been great because we’ve got a great creative idea and they’ve got the tools to help us create it, so its an easy partnership”.


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