Starbucks promote Doubleshot with Spotify radio show

Spotify is planning its first burst of original branded content, a four-part thirty-minute radio show hosted by George Lamb.

The show, sponsored by Starbucks will promote their new canned drink, “Double-Shot” – which goes on sale in Supermarkets soon.  The show will take the slightly hammy approach of promoting the drink by playing a set of ‘doubleshots’, which are two related tracks, rest assured Lamb and his partner will pepper the show with their brand of banter.

To clarify on the doubleshots thing, here’s how it will work.

Take Two. A pair of classic recordings from one awesome album.

Tunesome Twosomes. Brilliant songs from amazing duos (ie: OutKast)

Double Takes: Two songs from an artist who spans different groups (Blur, Gorillaz)

Double Trouble: Two number one hits from one artist

You can see from the campaign page on Spotify that there will be some degree of audience interaction, they are inviting listeners to vote on one of the doubleshots to be featured. I presume that the Starbuck’s show will be heavily pushed on both the editorial front page and supported by ads.

In other Spotify news, Digital Music News reports that the streaming-service have recently announced that they now have 10 million listeners on-board with 500,000 paying subscribers. This 1/20 subscriber level is enough to value the company at $300m. It will be interesting to see how many of these listeners George Lamb manages to drive away.


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