Gorillaz launch Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Gorillaz were on-hand in London last night to launch the new Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer 9.

Both Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett were both at the launch party where a video, showcasing the technology was shown. The Gorillaz website was also updated to take advantage of the new technologies made available by the MS overlords.

Watch the seven-minute video below. It’s a pretty interesting example of what the Brands Department at EMI are up to:

Here’s the features:

  • “It’s like a wizards portal to a new magical realm”
  • “Big back button for clumpy, shaky hands”
  • “More real estate out of that website”
  • “Click on stuff with your bow and arrow”
  • “Drag the whole website onto your taskbar to pin it”
  • “It’s got a jumping list”
  • “It’s like a pirate’s dream – no plug-ins”
  • “Faster browser based games”
  • “Nothing glitches”
  • ‘Melts your mind”
  • “Tomorrow has finally come today”

Off Plastic Beach, some are reporting that it’s not all plain sailing:

Whether this will be enough to get all the backwards councils and stuffy IT departments around the world to finally upgrade from IE6, time shall tell.


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