Beck’s Music Experience

Beck’s are back with their slightly misfiring ‘Music Inspired Art’ campaign. Thankfully, this time their not sticking adverts for Hard-Fi on their bottles (this campaign was launched in 2009 and the Hard-Fi record came out in 1998, or felt like it) No, the lucky ‘artists’ are Phoenix (whose last album will be 19 months old by the time the campaign is in full swing). And yes, by the looks of their MySpace it looks like there’s no actual art but another advert for their album.

The Beck’s team have decided to ‘dial up that engagement’ by launching a competition, via MySpace that will give you and your band a chance to support Phoenix in Berlin, and play in front of 3,000 fans. The mechanic is simple, provide a link, the jury pick the best and then the ‘kids’ vote for their favourite, via MySpace.

Pure Groove also reports that some of the entrants will get the opportunity for an artist to produce an artwork, live in a gallery whilst listening to your music. I’ve actually seen this kind of thing done on a Neil Young tour, and it’s a nice idea – but unfortunately I doubt I’ll have the same kind of emotional investment in ‘You and Your Band’ as Old Man by Mr. Young.

There’s more — no-talent slackers can still enjoy the Music Inspired Art program by winning V.I.P tickets to the aforementioned Phoenix show and redeeming free MP3 downloads from through an on-bottle promotion.


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