Branding Bestival

Rob Da Bank’s three-day Bestival festival takes all of the best bits from Glastonbury and melts it into a smaller space (5s5k attendance) at the very tail end of the festival calendar, With its eclectic line-up (Flying Lotus through to Chic and Mr. Motivator) it attracts a slightly older, more savvy festival goer than events like Reading. With this kind of event – opening the doors to many brands could be dangerous and it would lose its reputation as being ‘boutique’ and non-corporate.

However, this wasn’t the case – there were plenty of brands on offer, but most manage to put in an excellent offering that the festival-goer took to heart. Pizza Express, Vitamin Water, Sony Playstation, Oxfam, Byron, Gaymer’s, Charlie’s Whiskey, Three and Sailor Jerry’s all had sizeable presences, but I’d like to concentrate on two of the best: Gaymer’s (FRUKT) and Sailor Jerry’s (Elvis Communications)

Sailor Jerry’s

‘Sailor Jerry’s Ink City’ was a small rum shack, ring fenced-in with corrugated iron which featured a cocktail bar, small stage, tattoo parlour and cinema which they told the story of Normal “Sailor Jerry” Collins and exhibited his design work. The stage featured the most ‘hipster’ orientated acts of the festival, playing host to Neon Indian, MNDR, White Rabbits, Chrome Hoof, O Children, Dam Funk, and Egyptian Hip Hop.

What impressed me most was their small screening room and tattoo parlour, which told a pictorial history of the man they based their brand on – instantly buying authenticity. Unsurprisingly, their tattoo parlour was fully booked throughout the duration of the festival, but many punters were happy to walk away with the temporary tattoos. Often taking glee in sticking them on their friends faces.

The line up of the stage, set-design, quality range of drinks on offer (and competitive pricing) as well as extras such as tattoos made the area a genuinely beneficial asset to the festival.

The only thing they seemed to be missing is a digital execution, perhaps putting out exclusive tracks from some of the artists playing the stage to reach more people. The only way of creating any lasting conversation with festival goers was by a competition, where people could leave their contact details to win $150 of Sailor Jerry’s merchandise.


Cider brand Gaymer’s had their own tent ‘Lost In The Orchard’ situated in a quiet corner, a short walk from the main-stage. The area was styled with trees and apple sacks and contained picnic benches and an on-site cider press, where it looked like they were attempting to brew their own festival-cider for consumer on Sunday evening, the final day of the festival.

The area also featured a mini-stage, which featured many unsigned performers who Frukt hand-picked from MySpace. While I was there a covers band had caused a proper knees up, with the area overflowing way beyond capacity.

A really nice touch was the record rack – which invited punters to search their way through the records to hand the DJ their own personal selection. The whole bar area was filled with character and was one of the better bar areas in the whole of the festival.

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