Live The Rock’n’Roll Dream With Corona

You know that recurring dream you have where your crappy amateur band is an actual proper band and you’re striding on stage and 60,000 ecstatic fans are roaring your name?  Well Mexican beer brand Corona has turned it into reality for a Spanish rock quartet called Inlogic – and made a film of it.  It’s part of a bigger initiative called Experience The Extraordinary, which places ordinary joes in situations where wildly improbable things happen to them and captures their (apparently genuine) surprise in touching online docs.  Each culminates, natch, in a celebratory round of brewskis.

Inlogic’s dream scenario is finding themselves sharing a bill with Metallica at the Rock In Rio festival in Madrid.  (Corona is also a sponsor.)  Their story is like a 3-minute lite version of Anvil! The Story Of Anvil, but even minus the snow and tears, it’s lump-in-the-throat stuff, as the band find out about their date with destiny from a poster on a wall and eventually peform for those ecstatic fans.

The initial line-up of Experiences is completed by the full superstar treatment for London DJ Midi Stardust and a day at the wheel of a Lamborghini for Ercole, a hilarious Italian taxi driver.

Making sure that drinking Corona matches up to these extraordinary experiences is a challenge for a master brewer somewhere in Mexico, but as content, this is a decent brew.


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