Arcade Fire – We Used to Wait

Fresh from teaming up with Terry Gilliam to live-stream their Madison Square Garden concert on YouTube, the Montreal 59 piece band have once again turned to Googlers to help promote their new record ‘The Suburbs’ in innovative and engaging ways.
Head over to and you might just be witnessing a giant step forward in the realms of music videos. (You’ll need Google Chrome to take part.)
Upon entering the site, you get the chance to put in the address of the street you grew up in. Chrome then opens about three browser windows and you’ll get to see those streets star in the video, as a hooded character runs through them. Nice touches are the bird animations that fly between the windows, imposed over the Google Streetview map.
It’s unexpectedly engaging where the video asks you to write a postcard to someone growing up today on those streets. And when the film ends, you can view and respond to other people’s messages or share the film via your social network of choice.
Let’s not forget, this is also great for Google – they get to show off all the awesome technologies that the browser can render – all soundtracked to a critically acclaimed band with a number 1 album under their belt.
With Google finally making their music play in the next 12 months, expect this to be a small first experimental step. Release early, iterate often / Don’t be evil.

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