How to get 5404 Facebook Comments in a few hours

Levi’s (UK) just gave away eight pairs of tickets on their Facebook group, generating a whole lot of comments. In fact, 640 likes and 5404 comments in the space of eight hours.

This particular competition would have been a very smart way to bring new people into the Levi’s Facebook group. If you aren’t up to date with the Libertines recent movements, they’ve reunited and are playing a show at Kentish Town Forum (tonight). Carl Barat (he’s the one with the dodgy solo career and no opiate addiction) has spoken out in regard to his distaste for touts, quite rightly, as if you’re keen to see a band that you’ve waited close to seven years to see then you don’t want the tickets going to those guys instead of the fanatics who got Libertines tattoos in the early part of the decade. So, the boys in the band decided to follow Wimbledon’s example and do a ballot, which is a touch un-Libertine’s-esque. To enter the ballot, you needed to leave your email address with Ticketmaster.

This is where Levi’s have come in. They’ve managed to partner with the promoters to send an email to all those who were unsuccessful in their ballot, letting them know that if they become a fan of Levi’s on Facebook then they stand a chance to get tickets.

Fast forward a few hours and chaos ensues on the Levi’s page:

Levi’s have also been doing a bunch of instore performances under the banner ‘The Craft of Music‘. Here’s a nice performance from Chilly Gonzalez:

Car Barat is also playing a Levi’s instore this Friday and he’s already picked up over 9000 applicants for tickets. There are just 100 tickets available for each show.

The photo’s from Andrew Kendall, who’s got loads of good photos from this era. Guess which brand of jeans Pete Doherty’s wearing.


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