Topspin Still Innovating

Topspin have been doing a great job enabling artists and marketeers to directly connect with fans for a while now, but a couple of their recent initiatives have hugely impressed me.

If you’re unfamiliar with their services, their tools have been powering many digital campaigns of major artists for a few years. Right now, you can click your way over to Interpol’s website and download a HD video of their new single ‘Lights’ in exchange for an email address. They then do a very good job at the up-sell model, offering bundles and more exclusive packages to hardcore fans and collectors – improving where pioneering bands like Nine Inch Nails left off.

The Topspin Ticketing Experience

Back in June, the Pixies played two sold-out shows at London’s Troxy. Tickets were sold on the Pixies website via the Topspin widgets, bypassing the need for expensive Ticketmaster fees. The user was instantly emailed their printable ticket, but was also sent an email from the band asking the fan what songs they’d like to hear at the gig. The technology on display didn’t end here though, when you arrived at the gig the doorstaff scanned your tickets with an iPhone and when you returned they thanked you for going to the gig and even sent you a few songs from the show. Pretty perfect experience, all handled by Topspin and helping Pixies engage with their fans on a higher-level. Digital Music News reported that the Pixies grew their email database from 0-100,000 during their 2010 touring program.

I know that if I was putting on a branded event, I’d be looking to this technology to help me not only give a fantastic experience to fans, but grow an email database that could work-hard, post-event. For all of the artists that are growing their email database through Topspin, I wonder if they are helping some bands with a communication strategy – or if they just help with the tools.

Adding value to downloads

Not happy with just replacing grumpy ticket guys at shows and replacing them with the iPhone, those guys have innovated again – this time with something that could really be of interest to any brands currently running a free music program such as Mountain Dew, Adult Swim or Levi’s.

Take a look at this video, which shows off a Topspin download package from Arcade Fire.

You can see that the track has some awesome animated lyrics and a bunch of links, which I presume head out to give the user some more context about the song.

This idea could easily be translated to branded music programs and used as a way to increase interactions with fans and give them something more memorable to play with. Simple things, such as hidden competitions, interviews and out-take demos could be linked to or branding could be made more interesting by alternating it with the artwork. Of course, the links could also take you to branded social-networking situations where the fan might be able to have a longer-term relationship with the brand.

Maybe it’s time for a brand to start working directly with Topspin to give their campaigns a bit more experience and some cutting edge?

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