Fiat x Faithless

The details about the partnership between stadium house stalwarts Faithless and Italian car brand Fiat that was announced a while ago are out — and it’s all about the “prommercial”. The what? The prommercial, which is a cross between a promo video and an advert, and could be “the future of the music industry” (according to The Daily Telegraph).

In a nutshell, Fiat has funded the video for the new Faithless single, Feelin’ Good, along with a prime TV slot for its premiere, bang in the middle of this Saturday’s Big Brother, and a month-long run of 30-second ads based on the video. And presumably Faithless got paid too. In return, a Fiat Punto Evo features in the promo and there will be a Feelin’ Good edition of the car.

Despite the hoopla, it’s not the first time marketing dollars have helped out with a promo video. Brands like Scion, Mountain Dew and Bacardi have been subsidising online music content for a few years now. And how could we forget the furore over the none-too-subtle placement for Nemiroff vodka in that Lada Gaga spot?

But what does feel fresh is the way they’re planning to weave the promo premiere and the spin-off 30-sec ads into a proper campaign. Cars and records are both products at the end of the day, and if the execution is right, why couldn’t both parties see a pay-off in sales? The danger for Faithless is that the commercial gloss puts off the more traditional influencers of record sales, like Radio 1 and MTV. Then again, having supposedly sold a relative boatload of albums via their deal with Tesco, and with no label to split spoils with, Faithless are probably pretty happy with a brand payday.

And for Fiat, like any company entering this sort of deal, the risk lies in those all-important brand messages being eclipsed by the artistes. The 30-sec ads, that are based on the promo but presumably deliver some sort of pitch for the car, sound like a decent defence against this.

We’re not sure if there’s a plan for taking the partnership beyond British shores; both brands do well across Europe so surely there’s merit in a multi-territory roll-out. We’ll see what we can find out.

Btw Faithless have “55744 billion friends”, according to their MySpace page. You’d think Fiat would be able to sell some cars with that lot on board.

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