Diplo on working with brands

Pitchfork have just posted an interview with Diplo, DJ and head-honcho of the heavily brand-courted label Mad Decent. Diplo discusses his approach to working with brands, giving great praise to both Diesel and Red Bull.

Pitchfork: It seems like companies like Diesel and Adult Swim are so much more a part of getting your music out and marketing.

Diplo: You have to play the game to reach people these days. You’re selling your cool to them so they can sell your music to people. It’s a hard game to play and there are some sponsors we never work with for certain reasons. Then there are some people who we just happen to work with, like Red Bull, who have done fucking amazing things for us. They’re helping us with the carnival party and workshops for kids. Even Diesel, they’re helping us with our block party this year. I can’t believe how much freedom they give us to do shit, and they barely get anything out of us, it seems.

But it is hard because those are the people who have the real media outlets. We just have the material. It’s kind of weird. You have to be careful. I have a friend who runs a clothing line, and he’s like, I could make tons of money if I just sold to Ross Dress for Less, but then you can’t do it again. It’s like stepping stones; you step on the wrong stone, you fall into the water.

Read the rest over at Pitchfork


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