All Saints x Brooklyn

All Saints, the seminal Brit clothing label (rather than the seminal Brit girl group), has been busy courting those ever-so-influential people who follow the “buzzbands” (copyright: Carles) that clutter the New York borough of Brooklyn. The brand is supporting the recent opening of its first NYC store by sponsoring the wildly hip Pool Parties that happen each summer, giving it access to fans of a roll-call of blog-approved acts like No Age, Kid Sister and Cut Copy.

Who knows whether they’ll ever swap their trusty Chucks and plaid for All Saints’ “Jack The Ripper” chic — for a start that would mean a trip over to Manhattan — but it’s a decent initiative. First and foremost, it’s an eight-part series, not a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it one-off, so the brand gets the whole summer to make an impression through word-of-mouth, listings, blog posts and so on. And like all good fashionistas, All Saints has started with tried-and-tested basics and accessorised cleverly: on top of the sponsorship usuals, there’s a shareable Facebook playlist of artists playing the shows, a gallery of Sartorialist-style shots of party attendees, and the All Saints Pub, a bar and VIP area that reflects the brand’s Brit schtick (though the promise of “ice-cold pints” will amuse anyone who’s actually been to a British pub).

Having so assiduously aligned itself with this ultra-local phenomenon, it’s a shame All Saints didn’t go to town with location-based services. There is an “All Saints Pool Party” Foursquare page, complete with local scenester-blogger The Culture Of Me as its Mayor, but it looks like an amateur effort. How about some money-off vouchers to incentivise check-ins? That would draw people into the brand online — and maybe even into the store across the river.


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