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“Premium” Swedish cider-brand Kopparberg have teamed up with Vice to launch a hipster-focussed attempt at connecting the brand with all things youth.

Back in May, Kopparberg announced they were positioning themselves as a music-focussed, alternative cider – and their new Find Kopperberg site is in terms of design and identity, pretty much bang-on-the-money. Scratch the surface and all you’ll get is the little ‘Sponsored by’ sticker peeling slowly off…

The one page website (get your scrolling fingers ready) sees the band focus on several things. First up is ‘Kopparberg Klash’, which is (groan) another talent-searching mission, where entrants in the world of fashion, film, photography and music get the chance to get their work displayed in East London gallery’s and take part in a final Kopparberg Klash event.

Here’s my least favourite entrant:

Next up is the Underground Parties that they’ll be throwing. Essentially, this being the sponsorship of the Shoreditch 1234 festival and a sposnored beer garden at some Birmingham club. Hey, it’s not all East-London centric!

There’s also a news section, which tells you about all the events (groan) that Kopparberg are sponsoring throughout the summer.And a stuff “We” like section, which tells you that there’s a some cool shops in Brick Lane.

So Kopparberg have focussed most of their consumer messaging on the music scene, but it’s mostly about sponsoring niche events. There isn’t much content – outside of the consumer generated stuff.

I’ll hopefully make it to the Shoreditch 1234 festival and do a follow up post on the activity they do there.

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  1. […] at first glance this does seem a bit carbon-copy, pretty similar to the kind of things that Kopparberg and Four Roses have been doing recently. I hope there’s a bunch more digital stuff that really […]

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