WTF: Belgian Beer, Vinyl And Cement Mixers

Talking of random beer/music hook-ups, a UK-focused initiative by Belgian brand Vedett has just come to our attention, and in randomness terms this one really, er, raises the bar.

Let’s get this straight. There’s some beer. It’s good, I’ve tried it: nice and crisp. There are funky labels on the bottles, which involve clean, lowland-style graphic design and user-generated pictures of Vedett drinkers.

Then there’s the cement mixer. That you can win. Huh? “Taking a 10-ton branded cement mixer truck on the road seemed like the ultimate way to create some standout this summer,” says UK GM Matthew Willson [via BrandRepublic]. Riiiight.

And finally there’s the music bit. “Vedett Vinyl” is an event series that will see “local” DJs playing tunes at the various clubs and bars around the country that the cement mixer visits — on vinyl only.

If anyone can figure out what binds all this together and what the hell it says about this perfectly pleasant beer, they’re a cleverer marketer than I am.


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