Blowing Up (Again): Robyn

Yes, that Robyn — “Show Me Love”, mad fringe, Swedish Robyn. Btw “Show Me Love” is the English name for the AMAZING Swedish film “Fucking Åmål”, which was the first film directed by Lukas “Happiness” Moodysson and features said anthem. (Despite the name, which makes it sound like filthy porn, it’s actually a very sweet teen love story.) Anyway, she’s back with a new album that everyone loves, and if you’ve been anywhere near the blogosphere, you’ll have encountered the mass swoon over her performance on the Letterman TV show the other night.

Possible brand hook-ups: Volvo, L’Oreal Studio Line, American Apparel.

Stream: Robyn — Hang With Me (Kaiserdisco Remix) [via Sheena Beaston]


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