Have Yourself A “Dam” Good Time With Amstel

Yes, that’s the pun with which Dutch beer brand Amstel aims to dominate the not-exactly-unexploited space for booze-sponsored music parties in North American cities. Amsterdam Live seeks to export the famed vibe of the Dutch party town with events featuring “Dutch DJ The Scumfrog” alongside some American bands, notably perennial (sponsored) party-starters The Rapture and Fischerspooner (apparently it’s still 2002 in Amsterdam). They’ll take place in Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston and New York in August. They seem to be free – you “RSVP” with an email address. I’m guessing the beer will be free too. And that’s kind of it. The Downloads section contains only the usual branded wallpapers etc no-one wants. There’s an abysmal tool that lets you “Play Music Amsterdam-Style”, i.e. bang bottles along to the TV ad. Why?

OK I get that Amstel can’t realistically offer any of the treats for which Amsterdam is better known, but is this really the best they can come up with? These days brands — and alcohol brands in particular — need to work very hard if they’re going to connect through music, which means interesting line-ups, fresh event themes, clever amplification through digital, and so on.

Pabst’s place in the hearts of hipster music fans looks secure for now (despite the threats identified in this hilarious post).

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  1. […] Talking of random beer/music hook-ups, a UK-focused initiative by Belgian brand Vedett has just come to our attention, and in randomness terms this one really, er, raises the bar. […]

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