Blowing Up (Again): Cut Copy

Those chirpy Aussies Cut Copy are back, and they’re chirpier than ever. With its perky bassline, jolly tambourines and infectious “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Woo!” refrain, “Where I’m Going” is going to be all over ads for mundane but useful things that need a sunny, nothing’s-going-to-ruin-my-day makeover, like sanitary towels, weedkiller or online dating services.

Like Travis at Big Stereo, we don’t like the fact that you have to leave an email address to get the download, but as these things go, Topspin’s data-capture is pretty light-touch.

mp3: Cut Copy – “Where I’m Going” [via Big Stereo/Topspin]

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  1. […] All Saints, the seminal Brit clothing label (rather than the seminal Brit girl group), has been busy courting those ever-so-influential people who follow the “buzzbands” (copyright: Carles) that clutter the New York borough of Brooklyn. The brand is supporting the recent opening of its first NYC store by sponsoring the wildly hip Pool Parties that happen each summer, giving it access to fans of a roll-call of blog-approved acts like No Age, Kid Sister and Cut Copy. […]

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