Video: Magnetic Man ‘I Need Air’

“YouTube has killed the promo video.” Discuss. Well yeah, YouTube is part of the tsunami that has all but swept away the big-bucks promo business. But lowered barriers-to-entry and shifted expectations about production values etc have theoretically unleashed scores of talented new film-makers. Whatever, The Fader is hosting the video for Magnetic Man’s “I Need Air” and for BRR, this is the perfect promo for the YouTube era.

Magnetic Man is a supergroup comprising British bass dons Skream, Benga and Artwork. (“In the dubstep world, that’s like fusing the DNA of John F. Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter and sending the resultant creature off to run a bitchin’ liberal democracy,” says The Fader, and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.)

We love this because the fans are the stars. Yes, we’ve seen fans in videos before, but it’s almost always in the context of adoring the real stars, the artists. Here, Magnetic Man are a blurry presence half a room away. What better accompaniment to a euphoric rave anthem than a bunch of people going spastic to a euphoric rave anthem? It’s sort of like the Daft Punk thing from a few years ago minus the presence of an expensoid über-director. But this celebration of the democracy of dancing was probably shot for twenty quid and a case of Lucozade, and who says a YouTube-era promo needs to cost more than that?


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