Volkswagen And Spotify Want Your Embarrassing Driving Tunes

Ted Nugent. Aerosmith. Deep Purple. At the wheel of your motor, with 200 miles of the M1 stretching out before you, it’s not about cool-points. And it’s precisely these moments that Spotify and Volkswagen want to evoke with Bilmusikbikten, or “Driving Track Confessions”, as it’s translated from the Swedish.

You confess your embarrassing taste in driving music via a dedicated website, your choices are shared with your Facebook friends, and a Spotify playlist of the whole lot is generated. It’s clever. It makes good use of Spotify’s new social features. And for Volkswagen, it’s an innovative way of engaging with its bourgeois bohemian audience (in contrast to the usual online radio executions).

But it seems like there’s a missed opportunity here. Why not build a link to the Spotify playlist into the Facebook update? That way my friends can click straight through to my list, and both Spotify and Volkswagen can benefit. As it is, the only way my friends can get involved is to go to the site and start their own confessions — a big ask for someone who’s on a work deadline or just plain lazy.

And of course the holy grail is in-car — can’t wait to fire up Spotify and blast out the opening riffs of ‘Smoke On The Water’ as I hit the open road. Urgh-urgh-urgh-u-u-u-uuuurgh….


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