Best Coast, Vampire Weekend, Kid Cudi go Converse

Converse have recently released three short ads, which just about manage to be watchable content. The films feature buzz-band Best Coast, Kid Cudi and the guy from Vampire Weekend who isn’t Ezra Koenig. The films feature almost-beautiful product placement, although that’s easy to do with a product as iconic, and already part of the fabric of music culture, such as Converse.

In their first week the videos have amassed views of 125k between them, although most of these come via Kid Cudi’s 97k. According to a recent article by BusinessInsider, YouTube videos get 50% of their views in the first week, so we could expect these views to double.

I’d hope that these aren’t just throw-away videos, but the start of a longer term relationship with these artists.

Update: Taking a look at the Converse site, it looks like these three will be collaborating on a song, which comes out tomorrow. ‘Three Artists, One Song’ looks set to be this years answer to the Julian-Santigold-Pharrel collaboration project that Converse ran a few years back. Stay tuned for our take on it.

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