Kr3w x Brodinski

Listen brands, sometimes there’s no need to over-complicate things. Check out this little initiative from LA-based clothier Kr3w. They put on a party at Social Club, a hip 1,000-capacity venue in Paris. They got local boy Brodinski to spin some tunes. Then they put out a free mp3 of a 1-hour mix based on his set. And they got him to collaborate on a limited edition T-shirt.

The result? Instead of throwing yet another party that most people will have forgotten by the morning, Kr3w have managed to a) create a relevant link between the music and the brand through the T-shirt collabo, and b) give the hook-up a life beyond the party with some nicely viral content that got love in key online places like Discobelle and DJ Erol Alkan’s forum.

Now what would be génial is if this were part of an ongoing relationship with Brodinski or a series of partnerships with local scenes (I’ve asked Kr3w what’s coming up next…). Also, some nice artwork to go with the mix is kind of a no-brainer for a brand that’s all about image — hey, it could even click through to a campaign site where you can buy the T!

Here’s a Megaupload link to the mix. (Btw it had exceeded its limit at one point over the weekend — a good sign I guess. It looks like they’ve re-upped but try here if need be.)

(Disclosure: Brodinski did this tasty Edu K remix for our Bacardi project [via RCRDLBL])


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