Intel’s Creators Project Enormo-Gig: Pics, Eye-Witness Accounts

The Creators Project, the Intel-sponsored, Vice-curated “celebration of creativity and culture across media”, had its first real-world outing at the weekend in New York. BRR wasn’t there, but plenty of proper bloggers were, and, via Brooklyn Vegan, Stereogum and, er, The Wall Street Journal, here’s what we’ve gleaned:

– Nearly every hipster-endorsed artist on the planet played Milk Studios, a multi-room “space” in Manhattan, on Saturday. To name just a few: MIA, Interpol (giving their new Carlos-less line-up its NY debut), Mark Ronson plus guests, Neon Indian and Sleigh Bells (a BRR favourite).

– There were lots of exhibits that showcased technology, creativity and stuff.

– The role of Intel, who presumably bankrolled the whole shebang, free entry, free bars and all, was at best vague and at worst the victim of considerable blog snarkiness.

Tell you what, we’ll try and get along to the London Creators Project on 17 July and see first-hand what, if anything, Intel’s dollars are getting them.


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