Random House Soundtracks Bret Easton Ellis

Publisher Random House has assembled streamed soundtracks for each of Bret Easton Ellis’s seven novels as part of the promo for his latest, Imperial Bedrooms. It’s a smart idea: music is a key part of BEE’s characters’ lives and offers a route to new audiences for his books. If I weren’t already a convert, a blast of Joan Jett’s version of ‘Crimson And Clover’ would prompt me to pick up a copy of Less Than Zero, no question. Unfortunately this potential isn’t realised, due to what looks like a lack of imagination on the part of RH’s marketing people and/or onerous licensing restrictions. For a start, I can’t really skip tracks, which is a problem when one of them is by Culture Club, and I can’t even see the whole tracklist unless I click through to the iTunes music store. Worse, the soundtracks only exist within the RH environment; there’s no MOG playlist, no presence on YouTube, no dedicated Facebook page — in fact no attempt at all (that I could find) to engage people through the many tools they use to help them decide what to listen to. Music is the most viral content there is: use it.

One Response to “Random House Soundtracks Bret Easton Ellis”
  1. Duncan says:

    Not sure that there’s any soundtrack in the world bad enough to go with Imperial Bedroom. Absolutely awful book, and I say that as a huge BEE fan.

    What made it worse was the moment early on (before you know it’s going to be shit) when he randomly misquotes the lyric to Racing Like a Pro as “one moment you were blowing young ruffians.” Possibly deliberate, that way he doesn’t have to pay out a royalty from the pittance that this book will get him….

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