Recyclage Recycled

Stella Artois’ latest stab at reinventing itself as a classy, eco-friendly beer brand is a glorious failure. CO2 Soirée takes last year’s Recyclage de Luxe Show, cuts it down and reboots it, with added music. It retains Recyclage’s format, namely an online spoof of a ’60s Belgian TV show dedicated to “eco-chic”, and some of its characters, like debonair host Alain du Monde. As before, it’s brilliantly realised and looks like the funnest thing ever to make.

So what’s new? First, it’s punchier, with 4 segments of 2-3 minutes, the last of which has just launched. (Its 15-minute predecessor clocked up only 17,000 views — go figure.) Second, and of most interest to us at BRR, it makes more use of music. Recyclage featured a Florence And The Machine performance in amongst a slew of other items, like how to make chic compost. This time, appearances by Marina And The Diamonds and Mystery Jets are the focus.

Despite all this, CO2 Soirée suffers from the same problems as the original film. It’s still a long-form branded gag rather than genuinely valuable content. And, just like in the TV shows it lampoons, the branding is none too subtle. For example, the show now takes place inside one of Stella’s world-saving lightweight bottles. As a result, the dialed-up music element falls flat. The bands are shoehorned into a world of Stella, and we’ve been treated like consumers, not fans. Which is maybe why the artists involved haven’t pushed the project themselves.


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