Guvera reveals early stats

Guvera, the Australian based ad-supported music and video platform that aims to boldly “answer the problem facing the music and content industry” has today released some figures about its usage and branded channels.

According to MusicAlly, the start-up that took $20m funding earlier in the year has recruited brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Microsoft, Sprint, Mastercard and H&M. They are also promoting movies such as ‘Get Him To The Greek’ via the offer of free music.

It sounds like if users interact with these branded channels, they are rewarded with free music. Users are staying on these channels between 5 and 7 minutes. Although I haven’t had the chance to look at the service, due to location lock-out, these don’t sound great – that sounds like people are listening to two songs and leaving.

The service currently boasts 75,000 members with 3-5k signing up every week. This doesn’t seem like huge figures for a service which is live in the US and Australia. To put this in perspective, UK site We7 is getting double that traffic in the UK alone, according to data from Compete.

I expect that ad-supported models that focus more on the branded experience rather than the user-experience (Spiral Frog vs Spotify?) will find it tough to compete as more of these kind of services are released and mature.


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