MFlow launch widget aimed at music blogs

Mflow, which according to The Guardian is “Twitter’s hipper little brother” has launched a widget, aimed at music blogs, that displays the recently flowed (recommended) songs by the widget owner. This should extend the reach of the software into a new audience, and potentially bring in a cooler, more clued up crowd. Currently amongst the most ‘flowed’ tracks are We Are Scientists, Stereophonics, Ke$ha and K’naan.

I’ve never managed to get much value out of MFlow, as you can only recommend music that’s in the store – whereas most of the music on blogs is either yet to be released or remixes that might never get released. The monetary kick back (20% of cost if someone buys what you recommend) also leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I think I’d prefer the service if it worked with Spotify and you got some kind of ‘cool points’ for being a tastemaker.

That being said, they’ve managed to pull in some quite hefty brands since their launch a few months ago including NME and MTV and seems to be a natural extension for old media tastemakers such as magazines and Zane Lowe to have an easy to update platform for influencing.


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